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Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year

Is this why the Navy Seals, Google & LinkedIn are teaching breathwork as a tool for employee wellbeing & performance? 

Past clients

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Benefits of Breathwork

Reduces Anxiety


Emotional  Regulation

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Boosts Immunity

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Alleviates Respiratory Conditions

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Alleviates Depression

Increased Energy

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Focus & Decision Making 

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Clarity & Self Awareness

What clients say

'As a result of such success, Nathan has since held 4 breathwork sessions at Accenture. I honestly believe that since being introduced to the power of the breath I feel more capable to support myself through the struggles created at work and in this crazy world. Nathan is incredibly knowledgable and an expert in the breath, 5 star rating from me.'

Zoe, Accenture

4 positive effects of breathwork on corporate wellbeing & performance:

A 1-day breathing retreat was found to significantly relieve the emotional exhaustion induced by job burnout.

Full study: BREATHE: a pilot study of a one-day retreat to reduce burnout among mental health professionals

After 15 minutes of slow breathing training this research group experienced significantly increased sustained attention & decreased cortisol levels.

Full study: The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention, Negative Affect and Stress in Healthy Adults

A meta-analysis of 4 million participants showed those with Sleep Disordered Breathing were 26% more likely to develop cognitive impairments.

Full study: Association of Sleep-Disordered Breathing With Cognitive Function and Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Regular breathing practice increases brain activity in regions associated with enhanced cognitive performance, such as attention & memory. 

Full study: Electrophysiologic evaluation of Sudarshan Kriya

Interested in using Breathwork to empower your teams wellbeing?
Claim Your FREE Discovery call. 

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