Master Nervous System Regulation
& Heal Anxiety At Its Root

Reclaim power & confidence in your brain-body system

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For a relaxed mind, make the most of the nervous systems natural, innate relaxation response ... 


Breath can clear the emotional charge underlying many forms of anxiety ...


& Interestingly modern neuroscience is showing that our thoughts are heavily impacted by the state of our nervous system. 

Yet nervous system regulation is still not taught by therapists (WTF!?)


When anxiety is spiked intrusive thoughts can feel much more plausible & true clarity becomes almost impossible. 


So becoming skilled at regulating your stress response, only serves to give more clarity & confidence in your capacity to manage day-to-day life. 


This is how to create a default mode of feeling safe, connected & at home in yourself. 

& there is no quicker or more effective tool than your breath ...

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75% of anxiety sufferers have some form of breathing dysfunction. (2013)


Your breathing pattern is always changing depending on your emotional state & the state of our nervous system.