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Only 20 spaces available. Whatsapp me to secure yours. 


Meet Your Facilitator.

Hey there! My name is Nathan Gallagher & I am so happy you have made it here! 

I am a certified Transformational Breath® coach, specialist in down-regulating the nervous system & healing emotional trauma using Breathwork.  


The breath has been the post powerful resource for me in learning to manage my stress levels & regulate my emotions. I am deeply grateful for the personal transformation & invaluable teachings that it has provided me.  


Over the last 3 years I have helped hundreds of people in my online courses, free classes, 1-1s & in-person workshops.


I have also really enjoyed teaching hundreds of students in 2021 the ‘Intimacy of Breath’ workshop. This has been life changing for so many, providing a way of empowering resilience through the fun & heart opening magic of connection. 


My work is always science backed & trauma informed. Drawing from neuroscience, modern respiratory science, bioenergetics, biochemistry & biomechanics, somatic experiencing, psychophysiology & more. 


When I am not deep in the Breathwork hole I am usually working on my other baby Lovejam Community, playing music with my dear family & friends. 

I invite you to join me for this 2 day deep dive exploration . 

With the sound of the rolling waves & the cool breeze of the ocean, we are blessed with the perfect nature immersed environment for breathwork.

If you have felt the calling of your own breath, there is no better time than now.


What to expect?

Emotional catharsis, integration, processing & releasing for transformative healing.


Connection to your higher self, guidance & clarity. 

Heart-centred connection with a supportive & wholesome community.

Deep relaxation & soul nourishment. 

The knowledge & practical understanding for how to use your breath as a preventative & healing tool. 

The most serene, peaceful & empty beach. Expect not to see another person for miles & miles.  making the perfect location for healing & introspection.

A brand new hostel location right on the beach front with the best showers & cleanest accommodation we have found in Mexico.

Healthy plant based meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner plus some superfood smoothies. 

Evening musical performances sharing high vibrational sounds for the evenings. 

Holistic therapies such as massage available on demand.  

What are the workshops?


Conscious Connected Breathwork - Transformational Breath®

Enter into altered states of higher consciousness for soul level transformation & guidance. Integrate & make whole the emotionally unresolved parts of the self.


Hatha Yoga

Start the day with a beautiful movement & breath practice to loosen us up, relax our nervous system  & prime us ready for the day ahead. Hosted by our in-house Yoga teacher Cat. 

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Intimacy of Breath Workshop

Learn one simple breathing technique that generates a powerfully coherent electromagnetic field from the heart. Explore this technique with extremely basic intimacy exercises & enjoy the powerful amplification of platonic love.


Breathwork Meditation

Explore various breathing techniques for down-regulating & calming the nervous system. Enter into deep relaxation, calming the mind & body for internal peace.


Sunrise Pranayama

Charge up with lifeforce as we work with ancient Yogic breathing techniques during the rising sun. Power up with vitality for the day ahead & learn how to take this into your own practice.


Functional Breathing & Personal Breathing Plan. 

Understand your unique breathing pattern & discover what unique practises would be best your your individual breathing type & specific goals. 

Where is the Retreat?


Chacahua is around a 2 hour journey west from Puerto Escondido & 3 hours from Mazunte/Zipolote. It is one of the most tranquil & undeveloped places that I have visited in Mexico as well as hands down my favourite. 

The retreat is being hosted a few km down the beach from central Chacahua in an even more serene & quiet location - Pora Hostal. 

Pora Hostal is yet to even open its doors to the public it is that brand new. The location offers the most peaceful & empty section of beach in Chacahua, perfect for relaxation & healing. The facilities are some of the cleanest & most stylish we have come across in Mexico with open air showers so we can shower under the stars! 

What Accommodation is Available? 

We have a few different accommodation options available. 

Private Cabana (Queen Bed) - 8300 MXN (food & workshops included)

A private mini cabana with fan & queen size bed. Perfect for an individual .

Shared Cabana for Couples (Queen Bed) - 13,850 MXN (food & workshops included)

A private mini-cabana with fan & queen size bed. Perfect for a couple who prefer to share a bed. 

Shared Glamping Bell Tent (2x Queen Beds) - 13,850 MXN (food & workshops included)

A private bell tent with 2 queen size beds and fans. Perfect for 2 friends who enjoy sharing a space together but prefer their own bed. 

How to get to Pora Hostal, Chacahua. 

It takes around 2 hours to arrive here from Puerto Escondido or around 3 hours from Mazunte/ Zipolote. 


1 - From Puerto Escondido take a Colectivo towards Rio Grande 

2 - Make sure to get off at Zapotalito

3 - From the Zapotalito Stop take a taxi to the lagoon

4 - Take a boat from Zapotalito to the island of chacahua (30 min)

5 - Once in chacahua walk to the town center and ask for a colectivo.

6 - Ask colectivo to drop you off at Pora

Still have some questions? Feel free to give me a call via Whatsapp on +447888787447 or ping me a message!