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As I walked through the door of my new high pressure sales job, as if somebody had pressed the panic button on my body, Instantly I was completely incapable of taking a full breath. 


After weeks passed with this elephant on my chest & countless allergy or asthma tests coming back negative, I was hopelessly confused. 

This anxiety related chest tightness would go on to be one of my biggest teachers. 

It was only once I left my job, travelled to India & embarked on a journey of self discovery through meditation, that my breathing returned to normal. 


In India,  I experienced my first Conscious Connected Breathwork session.

Left shaking for hours after the workshop, I was baffled, how could an experience as potent & life changing as this occur purely through breathing!?

This sparked my curiosity & began my obsession with understanding the therapeutic potential of the breath.

Delving deep over the next few years I would train & certify with Transformational Breath®, one of the longest standing & most comprehensive schools, specialising in breathwork, bodywork & coaching.  




Transformational Breath is accredited by the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and has won ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. 

As the pandemic hit, I focused my work on helping the simultaneously unfolding mental health crisis and after helping hundreds with my 'Breathwork for Anxiety' class, I now focus on teaching anxious people how to regulate their nervous system & to take back control of their brain-body system.  

The breath is the master key to the nervous system and once the nervous system is calm, the mind & emotions follow suit. 

I thus help retrain my clients default mode network to be that of safety, balance & connection. 

This is our birth right and is available for all. 

I love working with people 1-1 as well as in my deep dive courses and workshops. 

My work draws from modern day respiratory science, nueroscience, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, coaching, yogic pranayama, integrative medicine & more. 


The best way to stay in my loop is to follow me on Instagram & sign up to my monthly newsletter here.

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