Hello & welcome, 

I'm Nathan, I specialise in science backed breathwork to improve performance & optimise mental and emotional wellbeing.


It's my mission to empower, educate & inspire the world through the simple act of conscious breathing. 

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Past clients


Weekly group classes  covering traditional pranayama, breathwork for anxiety & breathwork for abundance. 


Deep dive transformational breath ® sessions for healing, breathing optimisation and self realisation.  


Multidisciplinary and science backed  programmes to boost resilience, mental health and performance. 




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Benefits of Breathwork


Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is a physical sensation thus requiring a physical response.  Conscious breathing technique physically soothe the nervous system & calms the mind. 

Emotional Integration & Regulation

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The breath is intricately linked to our emotional state.  By mastering the breath we can master our emotions in a healthy way. 

Increased Embodiment 

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Just one conscious breath can shift awareness from the mind into present moment bodily awareness such that we listen to the whispers before they become screams. 

Boosts Immunity

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The respiratory system is deeply linked to the lymphatic system. Diaphragmatic breath stimulates lymphatic drainage while respiration remove 70% of the bodies toxins.

Alleviate Respiratory Conditions

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Rhinitis, Asthma, COPD, Snoring & Sleep Apnea can all be drastically improved by optimising breathing habits & functionality.  


Focus & Decision Making 

For thousands of years the breath has been taught as a tool for developing concentration. Decision making is improved by hacking our brain state and physiological coherence to induce flow state. 


Alleviates Depression

Breathwork helps to integrate and heal the emotional causes at the root of depression whilst releasing endorphins and feel good hormones..

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Increased Energy

By optimising breathing functionality we increase our bodies oxygen efficiency, cellular respiration and as a result the bodies energy.

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Clarity & Self Awareness

Wisdom from the unconscious often arises, providing intuitive insight into ourselves, our needs and our relationship with our environments. 

You can live without food for 40 days, without water for 7 days but how long can you live without taking a breath? 

Why then is the breath so overlooked?

Stressful workplaces, social isolation and struggles to pay the bills are leaving many in a constant stress response. When your default mode is of stress & survival what do you expect other than restricted & hyperventilated breathing? 

Thankfully, it is a two way street. The breath is not only affected by our emotional state but our emotional state is easily affected by our breath. By optimising our breathing habits & calling on different breathing techniques we can hack our nervous system for more calm, balance & focus. 

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"Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky, conscious breathing is my anchor'

Thich Nhat Hanh

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